Implementing a solution requires special know-how (Engl. know-how) which begins with a fair analysis of the problem and with the appropriate definition of the solution that will precisely meet the need expressed beforehand by the beneficiary. Before making the prescription, it is necessary to be sure of clearly identifying the needs of the latter and the functionalities that he wants to enjoy, to make sure to model them correctly and to advise him of the forecast of the difference between the expected service. and the achievable benefit. It is only after this agreement that operations can be undertaken.

The abundance of the range of solutions at our disposal and the wealth of experiences that we have to our credit allow us to present various proposals and provide the best recommendations to our interlocutors. thanks to our methodology of studies and advice based on 4 steps:


Feasibility study
Analyse of needs
Risk assessment


Functional study
Operational study


Estimated balance

Technical prescription

Functional design
System architecture