Issues and challenges

NCA being the main producer of fruit juice in Algeria, and in order to nurture this image of the undisputed leader of this highly prized drink, has undertaken work to extend and fit out these installations on its main production and storage site. and dispatching. These works consisted of the installation of a large hangar equipped with a unique mobile shelving system over a height of 11 meters and a total area of 10,000 m². in addition to the development of an area of 500 m² of offices on the mezzanine and on three floors. On this project, our company had to deal with a design office which entrusted us with the heavy tasks of studying, providing the following systems from start to finish:

Technical solutions implemented

  • Lot detection and fire safety
  • IT and telephone network bundle with fiber optic cascade
  • Normal and backed-up electricity package with a central UPS 1X20 KVA inverter and electrical cabinets and boxes.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting and chandelier set

All of this work was carried out without worrying the operator who has never left the site, a site which has remained in operation non-stop.