Client: Immodelta

Location : Dar El Beida, Algiers

54 Dwellings on 04 Blocks

– Parking 120 spaces

– Apart Hotel

Systems supplied and installed:

Video surveillance (30 cameras) + DVRs and Screen + Transfer of 04 Cameras to the Hotel.

Access control with 05 03 barriers at the entrance managed by a control system with long distance proximity reading badges including one at the outside gate and 02 folding in the basement, 02 retractable bollards at the exit managed with buried detection loops designed to detect the presence exit vehicles in addition to two vehicle stop obstacles with surface mounting. The same access control system also manages access to stairwells and use of the elevator (without access rights the elevator cannot be used).

Digital intercom system with concierge and optional gate plate to allow communication with the outside world after the gate is closed after a certain time in the evening.

Telephone distribution system from the PTT distributor to the apartments with a main distributor and floor distributors.