Technical solutions implemented

Warning and evacuation system Public addressing: Alarm and alert center on Eight Zones, with 153 Loudspeakers + 1 Microphone for public addressing and security message broadcasting (Evacuation) equipped with keypad with programmable function keys and LCD screen + two sources musical MP3 and TUNER

Cable Network: 1 Central + 20 satellite receivers + RG-11 and RG-6 cabling + parabolic antennas + UHF / VHF / FM radio antennas + 162 RD / TV / SAT sockets

Audio conferencing system: 4 stations with simultaneous translation system 4 languages 100% digital and 156 portable receivers

Anti intrusion system : 52 wall PIR detector + 15 ceiling detectors + 42 indoor sirens + 9 outdoor sirens + Galaxy C96 central unit with operating software + Remote addressable module (in RS485 network closest to the central at a distance of 300 m, the most distant 600 m)

Collective color videophone system on the residence part: 60 stations on four blocks.

Video projection system and MultiMedia broadcast on a 300-seat amphitheater.