Client: SAPIA

Location : Algiers, Cheraga

– 360 Housing on 11 blocks
– Parking 700 places
– Multipurpose room
– Sports Hall
– Large capacity swimming pool

Systems supplied and installed:

Video surveillance (60 cameras) + Matrix + Control joystick + DVRs and Screens.

Access control with 08 folding barriers 04 at the entrance managed by a control system with long distance proximity reading badges and 04 at the exit managed with buried detection loops designed to detect the presence of vehicles at the exit.

Sound a large multipurpose room with sphere speakers, a Gym and a swimming pool with IP65 sound projectors in addition to an access control system with three Tripods for the management of access rights to the swimming pool and the Gym.

Detection system and fire safety and a CO detection system with control of sliding fire doors and smoke extraction system on all floors of the 700-space car park on two floors and two basements in accordance with the NF standard with CMSI.

05 Sliding fire-extinguishing doors more than 5 meters of opening provided installed and controlled on all floors of the car park.