Location : Oran

– 132 apartments on 13 Blocks in R + 5, R + 9 and R + 13

– Parking 300 spaces

– Stores

– Business centre

Systems supplied and installed:

Video surveillance (40 cameras) + NVRs and Screens.

Access control with 03 barriers 01 at the entrance managed by a control system with proximity badges and 01 at the exit managed with buried detection loops designed to detect the presence of vehicles at the exit and 01 private barrier of a parking space managed by the station Guardian. The same access control system also manages access to stairwells and use of the elevator; without access rights the lift cannot be used.

Distribution system terrestrial TVs and Satellites (04 satellites) with multi switches.

Digital intercom system on the 13 blocks with a concierge system allowing two-way communication between the apartments and the caretaker’s lodge with a grid plate for night communication with the outside.

A fire detection and safety system is being studied for the parking lot.